What the science of stress reveals about optimal health and the surprising steps you can take to handle challenge with more ease and efficiency.

"This workshop has changed my life and I know it will change yours too.” 

- Brandee H.

Slow down to speed up.

We live in demanding times. The pace of life moves very quick. The to-do list continues to multiply.  

This incessant striving to keep up gradually chips away at our ability to live our best life. And although the past might have held simpler times, the future is destined to grown in complexity. Systems are evolving and the level of output is increasing which puts you at risk for chronic burnout resulting in significant disappointment. 

Your health takes a hit. Your performance decreases.  

Instinct compels you to fight your way through, but unfortunately this will only make your situation worse.  

The silver lining in this madness is that at the intersect of science and mindfulness there is a path that will help you experience superior health and maximize your potential.  

It is called The Path Of Resilience and it is the missing link for people who aspire to experience heightened wellbeing and productivity during challenging times.

In this workshop you will learn:  

  • How chronically "digging deep" and "pushing through" is creating an unhealthy body and mind  
  • Simple techiques to help you recover from life’s daily stressors with speed
  • The ideal way to eat to optimize the body and mind

This workshop also includes "The Path Of Resilience Guidebook” that will act as your roadmap to access increased health, wellbeing, and performance.

“The Path of Resilience workshop provided useful, practical tools to help me manage the most challenging days which I’ve used every day since.” 

- Calais B.


JESSICA CORBIN Holistic Health + Performance Coach, Speaker, TV Host and Co-Founder of the wellness technology company REVITA5. 


After earning All-American honors in high school and graduating as a scholar athlete in Cross Country & Track from U.C.L.A., she attained AFAA’s certification for group fitness and ACE’s certification for personal training. In addition, Jessica attained her Yoga Alliance RYT 200 and Thai Yoga Massage certifications to gain more insight into the art of recovery.  

The Motion Picture and Television Fund and luxury spa Rancho La Puerta has featured Jessica as a speaker to educate and empower their attendees on how to become more resilient in body and soul.  

Jessica has also appeared as a featured correspondent for mainstream TV networks and programs such as CNN, ABC’s The View, E! Entertainment, TechTV, The Style Network and the Science Channel.  

“"The Path Of Resilience workshop was just what I needed at a time when I felt depleted, depressed, and down about my current life situation. Her workshop provided accessible, easy, real-life tools that I could implement immediately."

- Christy M.

Organizations that have booked Jessica Corbin to present The Path Of Resilience include: 


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The Path of Resilience Workshop by Jessica Corbin