A 10-week program for people who are ready for profound physical transformation and self realization

We all have goals regarding our bodies. But when our goal is not connected and in alignment with our soul, we create discord, discomfort and often times give up even before we really begin. Body Temple Training teaches you how to access your physical potential through devotion to your heart’s longing so you can experience the sustained strength and vitality you have always desired.

"There are no conditions to love, and no end to it's depths." - Jeff Foster


1. CHOOSE A GOAL You choose a health + wellness goal that will have tremendous positive impact on your life… ideally this is a goal that is slightly outside of your comfort zone. This goal will probably be different for everyone that participates. Some will want to set a goal to increase their fitness, others will want decrease the amount of alcohol or sugar they consume, others will want to commit to meditating daily. Whatever goal you choose, you want to be excited by the idea of achieving it and having this new habit as a part of your daily life.  

2. MAKE A PLAN A holistically minded plan is developed by you and your coach that will help you achieve this goal. It will be a plan that feels simple, manageable and easy to execute over the 10 weeks of the program.  

3. COMMIT TO TAKING HEART CENTERED ACTION Surrounded by a group of individuals committed to accessing their physical potential you will feel motivated and inspired to stick to your plan. If you get stuck along the way internally or want to modify the details of your plan you will have three different levels of support that include monthly in-person workshops, monthly group coaching calls, and weekly partner calls that will help you stay connected to the group and keep your new habits top of mind. 


• Has physically transformed into an elevated version of yourself • No longer needs to eat and drink your feelings • Accesses peace and calm daily • Moves in sync with your body’s needs, not against them • Uses your “upset” as an entry point for profound transformation • Gets behind yourself fully and takes action from wisdom  

These are big claims. But this type of holistic transformation is not a fantasy… it is a reality!  


1. The goal you have claimed for yourself is coming from your mind not your heart.  

2. You aren't fully aware of what is unconsciously blocking you from accessing your physical potential.  

3. You haven’t had the support and accountability to make the process graceful and fun.

Body Temple Training will teach you this language of the body and help you turn your internal blocks into stepping stones so you feel the power and freedom of living from your heart.


MONTHLY IN-PERSON WORKSHOPS: Every month you will gather with a group of highly committed heart centered people for a 3-hour goal line + soul line immersion. During these immersions the group will be guided through some yoga, meditation and a self development exercise that will help you take action toward your goal with more ease, understanding and grace. 

MONTHLY GROUP COACHING CALLS: Every month there will be a 60-min group coaching call where further support can be extended around tweaking a specific plan of action or spot coaching if any internal obstacles arise keeping you from taking action.

PARTNER ACCOUNTABILITY CALLS: Attain higher levels of motivation and accountability by syncing up with a partner for a quick and effective 20 min call to check in on how you are progressing. Guidelines for how to facilitate the call will be given.

BODY TEMPLE JOURNAL: The Body Temple Journal will serve as a daily touch point for you to stay observant and anchored to your internal attunement, physical progress and any challenges you may be facing that can be addressed in the workshops or group coaching calls. 


  • Workshop 1: Saturday Jan 19th 2-5pm @ The Yoga Nest in Venice Group Call 1: Saturday Feb 2nd 2-3:30pm  
  • Workshop 2: Saturday Feb 16th 2-5pm @ The Yoga Nest in Venice Group Call 2: Saturday Mar 2 2-3:30pm  
  • Workshop 3: Saturday Mar 16th 2-5pm @ The Yoga Nest in Venice
  • Celebration: Saturday Mar 30th 2-3:30pm @ The Yoga Nest in Venice  


It’s time to align with your heart, commit to bold action and physically transform.

“This unique experience is an absolute must for anyone struggling to overcome an ongoing obstacle that’s blocking them from reaching their goals and becoming the best version of themselves. Jess is by far one of the most magical people I’ve come in contact with, and she will take you to places you didn’t think you could reach, all with a helpful and steady hand by your side." 

 - Stephanie H.

“ I believe I will be taking this work with me wherever I go for the rest of ever. I'm sure you know but it must be said that you are a life changer Jessica Corbin - dare I say a life saver. I am so sincerely grateful for your presence in my life, and I can already feel a shift that I believe is the beginning of a significant swing. I've never looked ahead at my life and been able to feel more trusting that I'm on my way to what the universe has in store for me."

- Kirsten P.

About Jessica Corbin 

Jessica Corbin Jessica Corbin is a Holistic Health + Performance Coach, Speaker, TV Host and Co-Founder of the wellness technology company REVITA5. After earning All-American honors in high school and graduating as a scholar athlete in Cross Country & Track from U.C.L.A., she attained AFAA’s certification for group fitness and ACE’s certification for personal training. In addition, Jessica attained her Yoga Alliance RYT 200 and Thai Yoga Massage certifications to gain more insight into the art of recovery. The Motion Picture and Television Fund and luxury spa Rancho La Puerta has featured Jessica as a speaker to educate and empower their attendees on how to become more resilient in body and soul. Jessica has also appeared as a featured correspondent for mainstream TV networks and programs such as CNN, ABC’s The View, E! Entertainment, TechTV, The Style Network and the Science Channel.